Instant brand awareness and lead generation for your brand.
We’ll plan and implement PPC search, social media and display marketing campaigns to drive more traffic and sales.
  • Our PPC campaigns attract, engage and convert as they are designed by expert PPC management professionals.
  • With powerful retargeting strategies, we can help you reach and convert even those who left you.
  • Brands hire us to continually optimize their online advertising campaigns while they focus on their business activities.
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What is Pay Per Click Services? and How Our PPC Services Company Help Your Business

Pay per click services (also known as PPC) allow brands to reach a much wider customer base who is already searching for your services or products. Our PPC services in Bangalore are completely transparent and offer an immediate approach to increase the number of leads and the amount of sales. The idea is very simple – we plan a PPC advertising strategy for your business, then we allocate a budget to each campaign to make sure we deliver ROI.

For most companies, investing in PPC services in India is a must in today’s competitive environment. Whether it’s a quick boost in sales or you want to attract more followers on social media channels, we use data science and our experience to design a profitable campaign. Every click is measurable and every penny spent on advertisement can be tracked.

How Our PPC Service Team Can Help

Our Lead Generation Services Bring New Customers to You.
Each advertisement is built for relevance, appeal, and conversion.

PPC - search ads
(Google and Bing)

The PPC campaign is developed using a variety of tools and for platforms of your choice to ensure a strong presence on all fronts.

Creative Ad Copies

Banners, textual ads, and video ads are created with your target audience in mind, we also help you create beautiful landing pages.

Social Media Ads

We leverage the social media networks to position your company around leading influencers and brands for your relevant keywords.

Landing Page Design

We perform A/B testing on landing pages to ensure that your campaign achieves optimal results. The goal is to achieve higher conversions.

24x7 support

Our PPC campaign experts manage everything from the initial research to evaluating the campaign’s performance and results.


We provide you with full metrics and statistics to help you see the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost every business can use online advertising because customers these days use internet and they search services and products online.

You can set your own budget for each click depending on your overall budget for marketing activities. You can spend as little as a few hundred rupees in a month to get started.

You get PPC experts working to achieve your commercial goals. You also get the assurance that your investment in paid search is completely safe and will bring results.

We give you access to all the information related to the work flow processes and based on your marketing activities, we do everything possible to make your campaign successful. We will happily share the details of our current best practices.

Any business selling products or services should be using pay-per-click advertising services.

We can integrate your service pages or inventory feed with the technology we use so that your potential customers can be directed to the right pages on your website. And the best thing is these movements won’t be limited to specific search phrases, because we use a large number of factors to help you rank higher and be visible where your customers are.

While generating new leads, make efforts to attract people who left your sales funnel. Our experts at SEO Indian Services build retargeting campaigns to to bring back the visitors who didn’t convert. Retargeting is an effort to remind them of what they missed and why they shouldn’t be missing the second opportunity of considering you.

To ensure each PPC campaign offers the best ROI, we create each ad copy and perform testing to identify opportunities. PPC experts at SEO Indian Services ensure that every ad copy used in your advertising campaigns earns top spots by testing it on various parameters such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and effectiveness.

Whether it is a textual ad, video ad, or a creatively designed banner ads for display network sites, we create each ad keeping your target audience in mind so that your ads can produce the best results.

Best PPC Advertising Company in India

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is one of the most effective methods of search engine marketing which allows companies to bid for the highest position in search results, based on the budget they allocate for each click. As a certified partner, our team has the experience to correctly develop and optimize campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

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