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Simply Web Hosting is the online publicity of a website. Web Hosting is a process of accessing a website via the World Wide Web to gain the visibility all over the world, it’s the way of publicity of a website. Web Hosting Bangalore offers a space for a website on the internet such that other people can view this website and its pages.
World Wide Web is a network throughout the world, through which computers can be connected with each other by the use of internet connectivity. For this connectivity all computers use a communication protocol called HTTP.
Following are the types of Web hosting:

1. Free Web Hosting
This is very low cost or free of cost service. Suitable for small websites like personal websites, those having low traffic, it’s not recommendable for business. In this method, we can’t use our own domain, we have to use a host link. This Web Hosting method is not very professional type.

2. Shared Web Hosting
Also called virtual hosting, in this method multiple websites (more than 100) are hosted on a powerful server. This web hosting is suitable for small or midsize organization, those having average traffic. By using shared hosting a website can get following advantages,

  • A website can get it’s own domain name
  • User storage space
  • Server maintenance along with technical support
  • Cost effective
  • Multiple software options available

There are some disadvantage also in shared web hosting as follows,

  • Security level is low, since the same server is used by multiple websites
  • Restriction in traffic, we can’t expect unlimited traffic in this method
  • Database & software support is limited

3. Dedicated Web Hosting
In this type of web hosting, the entire server is completely dedicated to a particular website. Dedicated web hosting is preferable for websites or businesses those require more space and control. It is the most expensive option in web hosting, suitable for large websites or business having high frequency of web traffic.
Advantages of Dedicated web hosting,

  • Powerful and secure
  • Unlimited support of software
  • Multiple own domain names
  • Database support is powerful & unlimited
The main disadvantage of this type of web hosting is that, it is very expansive and maintenance is not very easy, requires high level technical experts.

4. Collocated Hosting
Collocated hosting is almost same as dedicated hosting, where the entire server is completely dedicated to a website for exclusive use. In this method it is necessary to get a server from the hosting company or can have a own server. We have to run this server in our own place and for running the server we need to retain a physical space and all the other facilities for that.

One of the basic advantage of this is that it is less costly than Dedicated web Hosting.

The Website Hosting Bangalore Service is offered by various Web Hosting Companies in Bangalore but finding out of a relevant Web Hosting Service is not easy, it takes time.
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