Seo Indian Services


It is a broad term, refers developing of a website for internet, World Wide Web (WWW). Development of a website includes - designing of the website, development of the contents of the website, client- server codings, network security, e-commerce etc. Development of a website ranges from simple static web pages of plain text to the highly complex applications.

Website developed for a large organization requires many people (Web Developers), those are associated with different tasks of development like writing contents, managing, coding, testing, maintaining & updating, technical purposes, designer, SEO etc.

There are lots of companies those offers Web Development Bangalore service based on requirements. Website development Bangalore is not a single step process, the whole process is divided into various steps,

• Goal and requirements of the website
• Building of required Specifications of the website
• Architecture and Designing of the website
• Content writing
• Coding
• Quality Assurance
• Web Promotion
• Website Maintenance

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