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Search Engine Optimization is a highly technical up-to-date process, responsible for improving the visibility of a website or business in search engines. SEO is responsible for making a website search engine friendly by developing and organizing each page of the website to gain top search rankings for specific search terms. Only properly developed and well organized web pages achieve top rankings in a search engine.

Some of the basic SEO processes are as follows:

Website Analysis: The first step of SEO is in depth analysis of the targeted website, which to be optimized. They analyse the position of the website in search engines and its popularity among people and then determine how much optimization it has been required to gain targeted traffic or position in search engines.

Competitive Analysis: This is very important to know about your competitors before attending the competition. SEO experts first prepare a list of competitors of your website or business and analyse them closely - about their using techniques, writing styles etc.

Keywords Research and Analysis: This keyword research allows you to see what your online market is actually looking for and how frequently the keyword is used. The method includes selection of relevant keywords or phrases that usually people enter into search engines. There are several online tools available those help a SEO expert to find out suitable keywords. Using of proper keywords in the contents of a website results a top ranking.

Content Writing: Content plays the key rule in search engine optimization, the overall SEO success depends on the quality of content. Sometimes the content optimization includes some minor changes across pre-existing tax and sometimes completely rewritten of the text.

Web page Optimization: To make search engine friendly, the perfect structure of a website is very important. To acquire a highly competitive website, optimization of it’s pages is the first step, the method includes pagewise optimization of your website to make them search engine friendly. Web page optimization includes elimination of unnecessary sava scripts or flash, HTML code optimization, On-page updation of Title Tags, Meta Tags, Headings, Internal Links, Images and ALT Tags.

Website Submission: Once the optimization is done perfectly, submit the website to web directories to gain quality  one way links
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