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If you are creating a website with better and useful contents and you want to make it visible or popular then it is needful to submit your website to all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Altavista etc.

This is a direct one time submission method of a website to a search engine for gaining heavy flow of traffic. There are two basic methods of submitting a website to a search engine - either submit just one web page at a time or entire website at one time by using site map. When you submit your web pages or the entire site to a search engine, these will be indexed there.Online traffics obtained by using search engine is the most targeted traffic, since now a days maximum people go through search engines to find what they are looking for. An another popular method of earning money is that if your web page does not contain some contents you can put the ads (links) of those contents in your web page such that visitors get their own requirements by clicking on these ad links.

There are several assured service providers available now a days, those offers search engine submission service. Some web portals provides free submission services on major search engines, but free services of course take more time to list the web sites than the paid services, though both are effective. The submission method may be manual or automatic, manual is more common and more effective. The whole method of  search engine submission is performed by search engine experts, either manually or automatically. Many submission services review the website’s contents also to make sure it is useful for listing or not and if they get any issue regarding that they informs the website owner and get the permission to make it suitable for search engine listing.
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