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A blog is an informative website, it’s may be a personal experience or list of links on an ongoing basis, arranged in chronological order, the most recent ‘post’ appears at the top of the main page and the oldest ‘post’ at the bottom. A blog may contain text, hypertext, images, and links of other websites.

Blogs are responsible for sending direct internal links to your website. Blog posting is another SEO technique to achieve quality one way links and top search engine rankings. The method includes writing of top quality contents about your website with proper keywords and submission of them to more than 1000 relevant blogs. This blog posting method also helps you to gain more visibility and popularity.

The whole method is performed by SEO experts, they first find out relevant blogs then post quality articles based on your website manually on them with proper keywords. The articles are original and SEO optimized, prepared by professional writers.

Sticky Blog Post Services:

Sticky Blog Post Service is a relevant method of progressing online business. The posts on a blog appears chronologically that means the most recent ‘post’ appears at the top of the blog page and the oldest ‘post’ appears at the bottom. If you want to keep a particular post always on the top then it is called sticky post, it’s a post that appears at the top all the time after updation of the website or blog.It is a powerful link building technique responsible for driving more traffic towards a website.

To make a post sticky, the quality of the post is very important, they must have contained quality contents. In blog post service, experienced post bloggers create quality original articles about your website or about your business which will contain relevant keywords and url of the website.

Sticky Blog Post Services Bangalore includes writing of an unique quality content of your website or service (100-200 words) including the website’s link and proper keywords and submission of this content to several relevant blogs. After that this post can be made sticky manually by editing the dates under post option. There are several service providers, those offers this service including creation of blog posts and making them sticky on blogs.
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