Seo Indian Services


It’s a kind of online article marketing. Now a day’s Article Submission is considered as a guaranteed SEO technique for achieving more traffic and more visibility of a website within a short period. The process includes keyword rich quality articles and submission of them to the high ranked article directories.

During selection of an Article Submission Service, it is important to check out the rates of the other service providers and their success rates as well. Most of the article submission services Bangalore provide both article creation and submission; they create the articles based on your keyword requirements. Manual way of article submission is always better and effective, only need to follow some guidelines for this.

Following features are very important to achieve a better result:

Create a quality Article:

Creation of a quality article is always necessary, it plays leading role in this service. The another important thing is that the article should be original.

Create an original article with a meaningful title (80 - 100 characters), a short description or summary (400 - 500 characters), an article body (400 - 500 characters) and an appropriate keyword (80 - 100 characters). The title of the article must contain the keyword; also it’s important to use the target keyword one time per 110 - 150 words of the article body.

Submit the Article correctly:

Though its a decent easy method, for best result users need to follow some rules at the time of submission of the article. These rules are different for different directories, every directory has its own rule.
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